Circles Are Better than rows

We love being a big church. We're able to see the kingdom of God represented by hundreds of different people from every walk of life. But sometimes it's hard to grow in a big church. That's why we believe circles are better than rows. While it's great for you to be here on a Sunday morning, we also hope you get involved in a smaller group of people and grow spiritually together. Groups are a way to "do life" with one another by spending time eating, talking, laughing, crying and learning with friends. There are tons of ways to get involved in groups at Capital City.

Sunday Groups

Churches have held something called "Sunday School" for decades. While we don't use this same terminology, we do have many groups that meet on Sunday mornings. This is a great way to get in a group on Sundays. 

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Life Groups

Life Groups are our favorite way to see people grow spiritually. Life Groups happen during the week and meet in people's homes. This is the perfect way to make lasting friendships and go through life with your #CapCityFam.

Wednesday Groups

During the school year (Fall and Spring) we offer two semesters of Wednesday Groups. These groups are topical and may seem like classes, but they're very discussion oriented. These are great ways to start friendships while taking a next step in your relationship with God.

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