Capcity kids

Capital City is committed to growing Christ-Driven, 24/7 Jesus followers of all ages. We believe that the beliefs and decisions made in a child's formative years have the best chance to last the rest of their lives and be strengthened. That's why our children's ministry is so important to us.

Worship  //  CONNECT  //  Serve  //  Grow

We believe God calls us to a deeper life, beyond an hour a week. To become Christ-Driven, 24/7 Jesus followers, we must be in a relationship with Him by spending time worshipping passionately, connecting relationally serving faithfully and growing spiritually. We challenge everyone from our youngest CapCity Kids to our oldest adults to spend time doing all three of these things.


We offer an excellently staffed nursery on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Keeping our nursery environment safe, clean and fun is a priority. There's also always something for our preschoolers that keeps them wanting to come back.

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The elementary years may be the most critical years of spiritual development. It is imperative to help our children have a positive encounter with God. We facilitate this encounter through music, activities, creative Bible teaching, and tons of fun.

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