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The Best vacation ever

Ok...probably not. But Summer Staycation will definitely be the most fun you've had at church. You won't want to miss a single week because each Sunday's theme is guaranteed to be something you look forward to come to. Some weeks are centered around food, others around missions and some around just plain fun. Here's how you can engage each week.

June 25: Kids & Students Day

This week we’re taking time to feature our future - kids and students. This week has everything from making church exciting and fun for the youngest, involving kids in worship, featuring our high school students to even *gasp* our student minister preaching! Come to Capital City ready to see church with a fresh, and a little younger, perspective for the day!

JuLY 2: Red, White & Blue

'Murica. At Capital City, we always say we're Christians only. But that doesn't keep us from celebrating the greatest country on Earth. This nation was founded on the wings of Bald Eagles and the sweet sulfer smell of fireworks. Come to services decked out in your red, white and blue while blaring Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" from your car speakers. *Please don't release Bald Eagles or set off fireworks in the worship center. That wouldn't be cool.

CapCity Kids

The Summer means a few things for kids - no school and no schedules. Sometimes though, it means no fun. But not at Capital City. There's lots for your preschool and elementary kids that will keep them around their friends and our kids ministry while still having loads of fun. Registration for each week is required on the Sunday before each event.

Wacky Wednesdays

Wacky Wednesdays will be days of fun and engaging activities for our Preschool aged children during the Summer.

Find more info & register here!

Thumpin' THursdays

Thumpin' Thursdays are hand picked events for elementary CapCity Kids looking for something fun during the Summer. Hang out with other kids and invite your friends!

Find more info & register here.

Spiritual Retreats

Do you get caught up in the business of life and sometimes forget to listen to God? After setting aside your 10 minute devotional, you might be wondering "why hasn't God spoken to me yet?" Have you ever thought maybe you aren't listening well? These half-day, spiritual retreats are meant to guide you through scripture and exercises to help you actively listen to God's influence in your life. Our senior minister, Dr. Stephen "Doc" Pattison, guides you in beautiful Cove Spring Park here in Frankfort to draw closer to God's presence.

Saturday, June 24 (final call for registration)

Saturday, July 29 (open for registration)

Saturday, August 26 (registration open soon)

"A good training exercise on being still and spending quality time with God. While that sounds like something that should come naturally and be easy, it's not at all. It takes discipline to turn off our busy thoughts and give God the undivided attention He deserves. Doc provides some good guidance in a perfect setting."

"It was great to get away by myself and not be distracted by all the daily noises and grind that vie for my attention. But when you throw in the scriptures along with the inspirational readings, I was even better equipped to focus on God and the beauty of His surroundings. I came away refreshed and with a new vigor to spend more quality time with God."