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The Best vacation ever

Ok...probably not. But Summer Staycation will definitely be the most fun you've had at church. You won't want to miss a single week because each Sunday's theme is guaranteed to be something you look forward to come to. Some weeks are centered around food, others around missions and some around just plain fun. Here's how you can engage each week.

August 20: Next Steps

Hanging out with you on Sunday mornings is great and all, but we love seeing you take steps that make church go beyond one hour a week. Seeing people step out in faith for baptism, joining a group or starting to serve is what pumps us up. That’s why we’re taking a full Sunday to celebrate those next steps. We challenge everyone to find a way to take their next step THIS SUNDAY. Is it baptism? We’re having baptisms at the creek in the afternoon. Is it joining a group? Come to Life Group Connection in the evening.

August 27: Kickoff sunday

ARE YA READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!? It’s pretty hard to argue that the NFL and NCAA aren’t the best entertainment in today’s world, so of course we’re ending our awesome Summer Staycation with the start of America’s real pastime. This also is our way of wrapping up the Summer and kicking off our Fall season of church.

PS: How ‘bout them COWBOYS!?

Spiritual Retreats

Do you get caught up in the business of life and sometimes forget to listen to God? After setting aside your 10 minute devotional, you might be wondering "why hasn't God spoken to me yet?" Have you ever thought maybe you aren't listening well? These half-day, spiritual retreats are meant to guide you through scripture and exercises to help you actively listen to God's influence in your life. Our senior minister, Dr. Stephen "Doc" Pattison, guides you in beautiful Cove Spring Park here in Frankfort to draw closer to God's presence.

Saturday, August 26 (click to register)

"A good training exercise on being still and spending quality time with God. While that sounds like something that should come naturally and be easy, it's not at all. It takes discipline to turn off our busy thoughts and give God the undivided attention He deserves. Doc provides some good guidance in a perfect setting."

"It was great to get away by myself and not be distracted by all the daily noises and grind that vie for my attention. But when you throw in the scriptures along with the inspirational readings, I was even better equipped to focus on God and the beauty of His surroundings. I came away refreshed and with a new vigor to spend more quality time with God."